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Twenty years ago, The Salvation Army USA West standardized on Lotus Notes, and heavily leveraged the platform for application development. When it became clear that migrating off Notes to a modern technology was mandatory, two essential requirements emerged - a low-cost approach, and, ensure the technologies replacing Notes would not fall into the same legacy pattern, and that would require another costly migration years later.


AgilePoint’s Low-Code DPA (Digital Process Automation) approach changed the way The Salvation Army team looked at building applications – It is now far simpler and much less time-consuming, with the low-maintenance benefit of AgilePoint’s unique low-code approach solving the legacy problem.

In this case study, you will learn how The Salvation Army:

  • Tapped a new breed of ‘Citizen Developers’ to work alongside Pro Developers to build a range of applications, from simple internal-facing apps to complex external facing applications – and reduced development time by 80%
  • Achieved immediate, seamless user adoption of a large scale, enterprise-level application early in their use of AgilePoint - with 100% of users reporting increased efficiency and productivity
  • Leveraged AgilePoint’s innovative concurrent seat licensing to deploy apps to all 6,000 users with a small number of shared user seats
  • Realized the immediate strategic benefit of simple and straightforward implementation, and long-term agility by avoiding costly technical debt